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How to Access NCK Dongle Support Area From Main NCK Dongle Module to Download & update new version update or firmware or drivers for current NCK Dongle users.
[youtube id=”JB76MBqOliM”]


How to Install main module?
Note: this card is already activated, so software will start normally to know how to update for fist time use, check the post number 3.
[youtube id=”SRzdyu7N8Vs”]


How to update NCK Dongle in order to start using it?
[youtube id=”fBFh_XBe7VM”]


How to install NCK Dongle Nokia module?
[youtube id=”wPhwgHIM2M4″]


How to install NCK Dongle Samsung module?
[youtube id=”lBrdQx_40_o”]


How to install NCK Dongle MTK Flasher module?
[youtube id=”TvSLKbxiu4g”]


How to install NCK Dongle htc module?
[youtube id=”iInefNLhcaw”]



How to Change IMEI in Blackberry Qcomm Phones Using NCK Dongle & NCK Box
[youtube id=”YQdjQONsDHY”]
How to read Blackberry codes in supported models
[youtube id=”1HSlP9TnASY”]
How to Unlock 0 MEP With NCK Box or NCK Dongle
[youtube id=”-qiuP77dcNk”]


How to Wipe & Flash Blackberry phones with NCK Box & NCK Dongle
[youtube id=”GpXHG3I54KM”]




How to flash Huawei Android MTK Phones
[youtube id=”LqWBavJxsbE”]


How to change IMEI in Huawei Android Phones using NCK Dongle or Box Android MTK tool
[youtube id=”lbBCIheAx6s”]


How to Direct Unlock Huawei Phones using NCK Dongle or Box Android MTK Tool
[youtube id=”nnI_CJWbLPE”]



How To Calculate Unlock Codes
[youtube id=”jnSb5DbFlJo”]


Avvio SN50 “ChatPhone” – HOW to Calculate?
[youtube id=”-4vZzdbj2ok”]


Avvio SN50 “ChatPhone” – How to Unlock?
[youtube id=”NVCkOfEjYm0″]



Sony Ericsson Xperia X8/E15i Unlock Video
[youtube id=”Z_zYkf5jddI”]

Huawei DataCard E1556 – How to Make Unlock of Network
[youtube id=”TGgt3rzYqe8″]

Samsung Galaxy Y – How to unlock?

[youtube id=”KUHBlq68Yds”]

How to Unlock Alcatel OT-105 Telcel-Mexico “No PID”- How to Unlock?
[youtube id=”nAi9yeBxpJ4″]

Unlock Alcatel OT818A – How To Unlock?
[youtube id=”hWJuNN2UNY0″]

ZTE V768 Unlocking – How to Unlock?

[youtube id=”iiBVIbnNHfc”]


Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM-G900) Flashing – How to Flash Phone?

[youtube id=”i4ANIoKXB0U”]

NCK BOX – How to Unlock Nokia BB5 Phones with UFS as Interface 

[youtube id=”s70GMRJ7IxI”]

Alcatel OT-XXX Flash – How to Flash phone?
[youtube id=”VP4V3fqLo3Q”]

NCK Dongle – Nokia RM-504
Nokia Module – How To Flash Phone Died?
[youtube id=”I5tcieu9VNM”]